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About Our Apartments

We have selected and designed apartments that combine the best of old world charm with modern convenience.  The core of our portfolio consists of apartments that we have sourced for their location, inherent beauty and potential and then painstakingly renovated and decorated to the highest standards. In our Parisian apartments, you will find lovingly preserved original oak floors in apartments with cutting-edge kitchens and period marble fireplaces that transport you to another era in apartments with the latest climate control technology. While we are proud to work with our marketing partners who also feature our apartments on their sites, we exclusively manage and maintain these Paris Deluxe Rentals custom designed apartments to ensure a perfect stay for you in Paris.

In addition to the exclusive Paris Deluxe Rentals custom portfolio, we rent and manage a select few apartments that meet our uncompromising standards.  In keeping with our boutique philosophy, we take just one of every ten apartments that we see to guarantee quality in our portfolio.

All of our apartments are located in prized locations; not just in the most elegant and interesting Parisian neighbourhoods but also in fantastic buildings on the best blocks. Our apartments are equipped to the highest standards and decorated with style, often by renowned designers.  We are also sensitive to practical concerns and select our apartments with accessibility in mind; either in elevator buildings or with a limited amount of stairs.  Finally, our custom apartments feature all the modern conveniences including air-conditioning, washer and dryers, dishwashers and high-speed internet.

We pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of our apartments and our ability to match our clients with a Parisian home that is right for them.  Tell us about yourself and we will match you with the apartment that is right for you.

PDR Custom Selection

Apartment Cherche-Midi

Apartment Marais Bretagne 2 Bedroom

Apartment St Germain Regis 2 Bedroom

Apartment Marais Vosges 2 Bedroom

Apartment Notre Dame 3 Bedroom

For larger groups traveling together, please note that several of our apartments are located within two blocks of each other and are perfect for larger groups traveling together.

The Marais Vosges 1 bedroom and Marais Vosges 2 bedroom apartments together- sleeping up to 10 people.

The Apartment Cherche-Midi and 2 bedroom St Germain Regis apartments together- sleeping up to 10 people.

The Notre Dame and Left Bank Pantheon apartments together- sleeping up to 10 people.

Marais apartments by sub-neighborhood

St Paul: St Paul Loft

Place des Vosges: Marais Vosges, Marais Vosges 2 Bedroom

Rue de Bretagne: Marais Bretagne 2 Bedroom

Rue Charlot: Haut Marais, Marais Charlot

St Germain apartments by sub-neighborhood

Odeon: Saint Germain Balcony, Luxembourg Gardens, Luxembourg Luxury

Sevres-Babylone: Cherche-Midi Apartment, St Germain Regis 2 bedroom

Louvre, the Islands and Notre Dame

Louvre: Tuileries Gardens/ Champs Elysées Apartment

Notre Dame and the Islands: Notre Dame Apartment, Left Bank Pantheon